Welcome to Planète Bordeaux
Situated only 20 minutes away from Bordeaux, in the heart of the Bordeaux vineyard and on the doorstep of the Entre-Deux-Mers region, this unique site in Gironde will take you on a trip through the marvellous world of the Bordeaux and Bordeaux Supérieur wines.
An educative journey involving all the senses, where visitors are discovering all the secrets surrounding the creation and life of wine through spectacular audiovisual and scenographic techniques. It is the place to go to gather any information on the vineyard before going to it's discovery or in the chateaux.
Planète Bordeaux is a must for anyone wanting to learn about wine before setting out to meet the winemakers.

Bordeaux Soup: Looking Beyond the Crus Classés
palate Press

Practical Information...
All the information you need to come and visit us all year long…

Bordeaux Beyond the Grands Crus

PLANETE BORDEAUX goes to town on a meal, with creative cooking courses! Next Session : The 12th of March

Planète Bordeaux . . .
Educational, recreational and interactive exhibition.

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